Founded with an authentic desire to push the (underground) Electronic Music scene forward away from traditional standards without compromising quality, Electronic Groove holds the modern mold of Dance Music culture up to the fire to evoke thoughtful insight and discussion in all aspects of the genre. Electronic Groove has always been a catalyst and launching point for discovering and crafting music news in a credible, objective and compelling approach.

Over time, EG has outgrown its original intention of being a conduit for shared experiences and opinions about the Dance culture/genre and has since come to consistently support successful events, not to mention brands, labels and artist promotion. These noteworthy interactions and continued international impact are pushing EG forward not only into the future but into new ventures.

A trailblazer when it comes to fully adopting the ideology of presenting content in a reliable manner via weekly diverse podcasts to bring the poetry and emotion of authentic electronic music to the world. Our aim is to continue the tradition of sonic discovery, through shared experiences and collective appreciation, at the same time upholding leadership and professionalism to promote electronic music, and recognize excellence in all its forms.

While cultivating a spirit of community and collaboration, we will continue to respect and applaud creativity through the unique contributions of our curators to uncover a way to share quality music news to our passionate global audience.

Electronic Groove will be a place where our audience will experience the latest up and coming music, artistic insight, festival reviews in a manner that celebrates success on all levels. We will take risks, embrace change, and always exceed industry and audience expectations always focusing on quality over quantity.


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